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Trump’s teenage supporters laughed at Native American. Now they are accused of racism and threaten them with the exception

Zavirusivshuyusya video was the cause of criticism of adolescents in society, including from celebrities.

Video with teenager and Native American

Students criticized for racism – including Hollywood celebrities

The case during the meetings in Washington was the reason for a new racial conflict in society. Native Americans have repeatedly accused Trump of racist statements. The president has also been criticized for “extreme” rhetoric against Mexicans, immigrants and Muslims. Therefore, some felt that Trump’s words and actions inspired teens to do this.

Actress and activist #MeToo Alyssa Milano: “Such is the Trump America. And that brings me to tears. What do we teach our young people? Why is this normal? How is this normal? Help me understand. Because right now I feel my heart live apart from my body. ””

Actor Chris Evans: “This is terrible. Ignorance. Bile. Contempt. This is shameful. When something like this does not even surprise, it becomes evidence that we are cyclically recreating our dark chapters [in the history of the country]. This Native American showed incredible strength and dignity. ”

Actor John Cusack: “There are many terrible parents – [but bringing up] is just one of the reasons”

Actor and director Zach Braff: ” Gillette , how soon can you drive up there?”

The school apologized for the students, but they deny the charges.

Covington Catholic School and the local diocese publicly apologized to Phillips for disrespectful behavior of students and announced the start of an internal investigation. “We will take appropriate [deed] actions up to the exception,” the school management noted.


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Phillips: “I heard them chanting:“ Build this wall. ” But this is the land of the indigenous people. We should not have walls here, never had them. ”

Nick Sandmann, who was in the midst of criticism, explained to journalists that he would not in any way want to provoke Phillips and only tried to defuse the situation. “I smiled because I wanted to let him know that I was not aggressive,” he noted.

The teenager’s statement says that teenagers began to sing in response to insults with the permission of the teachers. The student also stressed that he “does not intend to tolerate” charges of racism, because of which his relatives allegedly received death threats.

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