There is a service for comparing prices for Apple worldwide

We found TheMacIndex service , which compares the prices of iPhones, iPads, Macs, and other Apple devices in all countries of the world.

The site has a built-in currency converter. In the upper right corner, select Russia and automatically receive all price tags in rubles.

Where is the cheapest iPhone

With the iPhone, everything is predictable. It is best to buy it in the United States. A 64 GB iPhone Xs costs only 67,174 rubles; an 64 GB iPhone Xs Max costs 73,898 rubles. Price iPhone X R with 64 GB of memory is only 50,364 rubles.

What in Russia: For 64-GB iPhone X R ask for 66,092 rubles, 64-GB iPhone Xs will cost 89,481 rubles, and a large iPhone Xs Max with 64 GB of memory costs 98,634 rubles.

Where is the cheapest AirPods

But AirPods is most profitable to buy in Australia. There the headset costs only 10,085 rubles. When departing from the country, you will also receive a 10% Tax Free. As a result, the Russian buyer headphones cost 9076 rubles.

What in Russia: On the Russian site headset costs 13,719 rubles. When buying in Australia, savings of more than 4.5 thousand rubles.

Where is the cheapest iPad Pro 2018

The most attractive prices for a tablet in Canada. The 12.9-inch iPad Pro 2018 with LTE-module and 64 GB of memory there costs only 73,526 rubles. Even the price of a flagship tablet with 1 terabyte of memory in this country is not so scary – 121,732 rubles.

What is in Russia: 12.9-inch iPad Pro 2018 with LTE and 64 GB of memory will cost 95,583 rubles. The top tablet with 1 TB costs a terrible 156,600 rubles. And this is 25 thousand rubles more expensive.

But if they didn’t wait for the new iPad mini, and decided to stop at the fourth generation of the compact tablet, it’s better to buy it in Australia. There it costs only 25,499 and 34,308 rubles for the version without a modem and with it, respectively.

What is in Russia: Ironically, in the ranking of TheMacIndex with this gadget Russia was on the second line. All because of Tax Free at a rate of 20%.

But for residents of the country, it does not work, so you have to pay 40 668 and 30,498 rubles for iPad mini 4 , depending on the availability of an LTE modem.

Where is the cheapest MacBook Air

The best country to buy MacBook Air 2018 is Canada. There a laptop with 128 GB of memory will cost only 76,063 rubles. A version with 256 GB of memory costs 88,749 rubles.

What in Russia: For the basic MacBook Air with 128 GB of memory, we are asked to 106,769 rubles. The difference is more than 30 thousand rubles! Model c 256 GB will cost 123,041 rubles.

Where is the cheapest iMac Pro


The highlight of the program is a basic iMac Pro with 1 TB SSD. Again, in Canada it costs 319,630 rubles.

What in Russia: In Russia, the price is 100 thousand rubles more, 430 159 rubles for the version with 1 TB of memory. It is terrible to imagine the difference in the top version of the computer.

In TheMacIndex has built a search engine. Enter the desired product and get a list of prices in all countries where Apple is officially represented. Or use the already proposed categories.

Think about it, maybe someone from your acquaintances in that very “happy country” now can bring a MacBook or iPad with a good discount.

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