They will be recruited from among the young specialists of the rocket and space industry.

Roscosmos will form a detachment of women-cosmonauts, TASS reports, citing a source in the industry. Candidates for the squad will be selected among young specialists in the rocket and space field. The corporation will conduct the search itself, “and not wait for them to be recorded,” the source said.

To prepare the women’s squad, Roscosmos intends to finalize the Orlan-MKS spacesuit, designed for men. Training in the women’s squad will also take place in view of future lunar missions, the source said.

A full-fledged cosmonaut unit will be formed from among young women who are specialists in the rocket and space industry.

The spacesuit will be equipped with elements of the exoskeleton to enhance the operator’s hands when carrying out heavy work as part of extra-maritime activities, particularly outside the ISS, but not only Work on the “electric drive for the hands” “Orlan” is already underway.

TASS source in the rocket and space industry

The agency interlocutor noted that Roscosmos was going to announce its plans today at the Cosmonaut Training Center, where the crew’s solemn meeting of the 55 / 56th long expedition to the ISS will be held.