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Canada and Norway argue over who has the tallest moose statue in the world — it’s a “war” with a long history.

The Canadian Monument held the title for 30 years. Now local authorities want to complete the moose and return the lost leadership.

In the Canadian province of Saskatchewan is the city of Moose Jaw – a small settlement with 35 thousand inhabitants. The name of the city refers to the elks (Moose Jaw, Moose – “elk” in English), so in 1984 there appeared a statue of “Elk Maca. Steel and concrete sculpture immediately taught an unusual title – the tallest statue of an elk in the world (9.8 meters). And for 31 years, Mack held this title until Norway came .

The statue of the elk Mack in Moose Joe

In 2015, near the Norwegian capital Oslo, Storelgen appeared – a monument of a giant mirror elk. The stature is about one foot (30 centimeters) taller than the Mac. Therefore, the title of the highest sculpture elk moved to the Norwegian project. This was not an accident: the creator of Storulgena, the Norwegian sculptor Linda Bakke (Linda Bakke), said bluntly that she wanted to surpass the Canadians.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]When we decided to create a statue of an elk, we came up with at the same time to make it the tallest and most beautiful in the world. It was not very difficult to whiten [Canada].[/perfectpullquote]
Linda buckke

creator of Storrelgen

Sculpture of the Elk of Storrelgen
Sculpture of the Elk of Storrelgen

Elk Maka was loved in Canada: the sculpture was regularly called among the sights that are worth seeing for tourists. And in 2015 (shortly before the loss of the title), he was recognized as the most popular person in the history of the city of Moose Joe. At that time, Canada did not respond to the step of Norway. The answer had to wait until 2019.

In January, two Canadian video bloggers, Justin Reeves and Greg Moore, recalled the story. They called the actions of Canada “a blatant insult” and suggested that the authorities of Moose-Joe take retaliatory measures: for example, increase the growth of Mack’s moose by 31 cm. That would help him regain the title.

A few days later the head of Moose-Joe Fraser Tolmi (Fraser Tolmie) made an official position on the opposition. “For me, this is personal,” he said. It turned out that the statue was named Mack after his wife’s grandfather Les Mackenzie. Tolmi said that he would “bring back the honor” of local sculpture and asked residents to figure out how to enlarge the statue.

While one of the main options: remake horns. Another option is a Mac hat. Of the most insane – to put the monument on skates. Bloggers raised 2,5 thousand dollars for the project, but this amount does not take into account the support of local authorities.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]My message to [Norway] is extremely clear – we will return the crown. This is a challenge that we face to face. Our city is named after an elk, this is a clear link. I do not see any links between Norway and moose.[/perfectpullquote]
Fraser Tolmy
Mayor Moose Joe

The deputy mayor of Stur-Åvdal, Linda Henriksen, responded to the statement by Tolmi : “We will not allow this to happen. No chance. We will do everything to preserve the title of the tallest elk statue in the world. ”

Linda Bakke, author of Storlgen, said she was ready to make the statue of an elk even more than the previous ones. But for Canada or for Norway – it will depend on who pays. “I am neutral here,” she noted.

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