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The Invalid Guy Meme is becoming popular again, but with a few changes.

It began to resemble a quiz: you must choose where to substitute a letter.

The “ Unfaithful Guy ” meme has gained immense popularity in the summer of 2017: a man walking by the hand with one girl stares at another – this is an ideal design that describes the fight against temptations. Even a year later, the joke remains relevant, and the meme can still be found in the tapes of social networks. It is not surprising that in the beginning of 2019 a new application was invented for it.

Since the meme about “The Unfaithful Guy” has been widely heard all this time, it is impossible to track down exactly when his new interpretation appeared. Its meaning is this: the guy is a letter, and the girls on the sides are the words where you need to substitute it. Meme has retained its meaning – the same joke about the complexity of the choice, but in a new form.

In the English-language Twitter one of the first mentions of the updated design is dated January 15: the authors beat the lines from Abba and Queen songs.

The wrong guy is the word “Mama”, which begins with two popular songs by Abba and Queen – “Mama Mia” and “Bohemian Rhapsody”

By mid-January, an updated meme appeared in the “Dank Memes” section on Reddit. Despite the popularity of the design, they have not yet had time to evaluate it in the “Meme Economy” section, where users try to predict the popularity and relevance of new jokes.

“When I died in a video game: H — nigga or no problem, it's just a game.”
“When I died in a video game: H — nigga or no problem, it’s just a game.”
H is hate or happiness.
H is hate or happiness.

After that, the Russian public in VKontakte, specializing in the memes from Dank Memes, began to distribute a new design among Russians. Basically, these are translations of western jokes.

The guy is the USA, and M is the mass shooting or the metric system. M – memes or motivation to study

By January 18, a new kind of “Unfaithful guy” finally got to Russia. Dozens of variations of jokes appeared on Twitter and Telegram channels: about depression, relationships, and with lines of songs. Among the examples you can find an alternative version with the “wrong girl.”

B – baby face or beard @autisticshibe

Ra-ra is Rasputin in love with the Russian queen or the beginning of the song of Lady Gaga

Bravely is the beginning of the first revolutionary anthem in Russia or the beginning of the Soviet song about the revolution.

D – depression or dating

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