Concept: A case that turns an iPhone into a fork or spoon

It may be useful for those who do not break away from the phone.

Case that turns into a fork or spoon Photo sphoon_phork

On January 16, a project of an iPhone case appeared on Kickstarter , into which you can insert a plastic plug or spoon. Three days later, the concept was told at 9GAG – users appreciated the opportunity to eat and not tear themselves away from the smartphone.

According to the authors, they want to push the boundaries between digital and real, allowing people to enjoy lunch and not to break away from watching videos, paging the tape or correspondence in the messenger.

For more than 12 thousand years, mankind has strived for a perfect civilization. We invented agriculture. We invented the wheel. We created laws. We sent people into space. A new chapter of our story has begun.

project description sphoon_phork

According to the project description on the crown foundation platform, the case is compatible with iPhone 7, 8, X and XS. The release of the cover requires 11 thousand dollars – while the authors donated only 128 dollars.

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