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The picture of the second egg appeared on the world record egg Instagram. And gained 4 million likes in 10 hours

Now it is cracked.

The second shot of the egg @world_record_egg
The egg’s photo on the Instagram account “world_record_egg”, published on January 14th, collected almost 50 million likes and became the most popular since the social network. Five days later, on January 19, the authors published the second photo – an egg with a crack. They managed to collect only 4 million likes in 10 hours.

The authors of the account with the egg are still not known – they managed to beat the initial record thanks to the flash mob of Instagram users and Twitter users. The egg was taken by Russian photographer Sergey Platonov, who takes similar photos with things and food. After the growth of popularity in the “world_record_egg” began to sell clothing and goods with the symbols of eggs.

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