Bandcamp online music sales service will open the first US store

At first, only 99 records will be sold in it.

Photo: Bandcamp Daily / Richard Morgenstein

On February 1, Bandcamp’s online music sales service will open its first music store and live concert venue in Oakland, California. The store will sell 99 records, which promise to regularly change to new ones.

In a conversation with Billboard, a Bandcamp spokesman said that Oakland was chosen because the company wants to be in touch with local musicians. He noted that they are not planning to open other physical stores yet.

Using the Bandcamp store, it expects to draw the attention of visitors to various artists and albums that are in service. In addition to the sale of records in the store are going to hold free performances and events dedicated to music. Bells Atlas, Sol Development, Queens D. Light, Jazz on the Sidewalk and MJ’S Brass Boppers will perform at the opening of the store on February 1.

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