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Scarf dedicated to the lateness of the Munich trains, sold for 7,550 euros

A resident of the suburb of Munich knit whenever the train was delayed, selecting the color of the coat, depending on the length of the delay.

Journalist Sara Weber (Germany) from Germany said what. ended the story of a scarf bound by her mother. After the story about the scarf exploded on social networks, the family decided to put it on eBay – and several days later it was bought for 7,550 euros (about 570 thousand rubles).

The buyer was a Frankfurt passenger transport company. The family intends to transfer the proceeds to the organization, which helps people in difficult situations at railway stations.

Fragment of the “scarf tardiness” Photo @sara__weber

The history of the scarf began to wind up in early January: Weber said that her mother regularly travels from home to the city and knits a scarf. A woman knitted two rows a day, selecting wool by color depending on the size of the train’s lateness: if it was less than five minutes late or arrived on time, she chose gray wool; when delayed from 5 to 30 minutes – pink; and if the delay exceeded 30 minutes or the train was late in traveling both there and back, the rows were red.

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