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Refusal of vaccination called the threat of world scale in 2019

The World Health Organization published a list of the greatest threats to human health in 2019. Topping this list is air pollution and climate change. The “mistrust of vaccination”, which WHO calls one of the main problems in health care, was also on this list.

The medical organization believes that the rejection of vaccination on a global scale can reverse the progress made in the fight against vaccine-preventable diseases. Such as measles and diphtheria.

For example, measles outbreaks have been reported worldwide due to gaps in vaccination coverage. And measles can cause a rash, fever and even inflammation of the brain, which can be fatal for young children.

The return of diseases, which thanks to vaccines have become rare guests on the planet, can not but bother doctors. “Vaccination is the most cost-effective way to avoid disease. Today, thanks to vaccines, it is possible to prevent 2-3 million deaths per year, ” writes WHO.

In addition, the list of threats to humanity includes diabetes, cancer, heart disease, an influenza pandemic, the lack of access to basic medical care in many regions, the development of antibiotic resistance by bacteria, the Ebola and dengue virus, and HIV.

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