People showed their tattoos, behind which is the whole story.

Butterflies, hieroglyphs, significant inscriptions in their native language – which only fans of tattoos are asked to draw on their bodies. However, sometimes, in a seemingly simple way, there is a whole story about which only a few know. Such tattoos become something more valuable than an ordinary whim or a desire to stand out with something.

The fight against depression, the loss of loved ones, a reminder of the past – good or bad – all this can be expressed in a simple pattern. Boredpanda has collected some examples of such tattoos.

“Dad died on December 15, 2016. Today I have a tattoo
“I made myself a tattoo to support my wife in her depression”
A father made a cochlear implant tattoo that copies the real one set by his daughter.
So the father decided to support his son suffering from cancer.
“Dad died in 2009. He made a note in my yearbook after the second year. ” Translation: “I’m so proud of you. Love Dad
“Mom died a couple of months ago. Yesterday I made my first tattoo. She always left such notes, I just copied one. ”
“I sat on the heroine for 12 years. Yesterday was four years since I am clean. I make a “nick” every July 23 “
“A simple scheme that grandfather drew to me. He with the help of longitude and latitude clearly showed where on the surface of the Earth is my house
“The big brick is my elder brother, who died before his 40th birthday. He is painted in his favorite color. Small (which hugs big) is me. He is also my favorite color. We have always gathered Lego together. ”
His son died last year. The drawing is the sound of his laugh.
“A heart transplant surgeon gave me an extra life.”
“My father and mother simultaneously fought cancer in the same hospital. When they were too weak to visit each other, he wrote her this note. ”
“A month ago, my friend died during the ascent. I watched him fall from a height of 50 meters. This is a reminder of him and safety. ”
“My father died on Valentine’s Day two days before my 18th birthday. I thought it was a quote from a prayer that sounded during the funeral. But it turned out that half an hour before his heart attack, he wrote me a greeting card and signed it: “I love you. Dad”.”
“I always wanted a dragon tattoo, and Skyrim helped me overcome heroin addiction in 2011 and stay clean. I am very happy that I did it 
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