Netflix: Fortnite is a stronger competitor for online cinema than HBO

The creators of the service have published statistics on views of their films and reported on the successful quarter.

  • The last quarter of 2018 was extremely successful for Netflix. Online cinema has increased its revenue by 27%, and its user base worldwide has reached 139 million subscribers.Growth for the quarter in the saturated US market was 1.53 million, and in the rest of the world – another 7.31 million people. Annual revenue rose by 35% to 16 billion dollars.
  • Netflix investors reacted positively to the increase in prices in the United States. They believe that the rise in price will not hit the number of users, but will help to extract more funds for the production of content. In 2018, the online cinema has spent on the creation of films and TV shows more than $ 8 billion.
  • Previously, Netflix did not share data on viewing its shows and movies, but now it will do so. According to content director Ted Sarandos, for a company it is not so much a business metric as a “measure of cultural influence.”
  • Netflix counts “viewing” if the account owner has seen 70% of the movie or episode of the series. Obviously, not all users who rated the first series inspect the season to the end. However, statistics for whole seasons Netflix is ​​not divided.
  • According to the service, Bird Box with Sandra Bullock seen in 80 million households(meaning that the number of people in front of the screen is impossible to calculate), and the You and Sex Education series – in 40 million households.

“Sexual Enlightenment” – a trailer for Netflix comedy with Gillian Anderson 

January 11, Netflix will release the British series Sex Education.


  • In total, Netflix owns 10% of the total screen time for US residents. At the same time, video services are directly dependent on each other. For example, when YouTube fell in October, Netflix’s views jumped sharply.In the online cinema they recognize that the company’s biggest concern among competitors is not similar services, but games. “We are competing (and losing) more Fortnite than HBO,” the letter says to investors.
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