Architecture: Dormitory Project at Buckingham Palace

According to the authors, the queen could well get along with 50 thousand neighbors.

Opposite Office
Opposite Office

The Munich architectural bureau Opposite Office proposed to rebuild and expand Buckingham Palace in London so that 50 thousand more people could live in it. The architects attached the project to an open letter addressed to the British Queen and inviting her to share shelter with those less fortunate. Thus, they took part in an international project whose goal is to accumulate ideas of affordable housing in the British capital.

The Opposite Office believes that turning the Royal Palace into a kind of hostel can be an innovative solution to the housing crisis in London.

The expansion of the palace will attract much media attention to the issue of affordable housing, while at the same time improving the social status of Buckingham Palace.

Benedict Hartl
co-founder of Opposite Office

The project involves a multi-storey superstructure, divided into single and double bedrooms with access to a common dining and living room.

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