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“I wanted to learn about ideology”: an American joined the IG to teach English to the militants

In Syria, he was captured, but assured that he did not fight on the side of the terrorists.

Warren Clark Photo by Clarion Project
Warren Clark Photo by Clarion Project

A 34-year-old American from Texas Warren Christopher Clark joined the Islamic State several years ago because he wondered what the militants were doing. He taught them English and even sent them resumes. In January 2018, Clark gavean interview to NBC News and explained what he was doing in the terrorist camp.

The fact that Clark joined the “Islamic State”, it became known in February 2018. Specialists from the University of Washington found that to join the militants, Clark sent them a resume – his letter was found in a house in Iraq. The letter stated that the man wanted to teach English to the militants, the television channel claims.

Clark signed the letter as “Abu Muhammad al-America”, but it contained his personal data, including e-mail and the place of work for which he was calculated. Channel source claimed that Clark accepted Islam in 2004, and then gradually became interested in its radical movements.

According to the summary, Clark was educated at the University of Houston, after which he moved to Saudi Arabia to teach English, and from there went to Turkey. The latest entries in his summary date back to 2015. As suggested byThe New York Times, it was at this time that he joined the Islamic State.

Clark’s letter to Islamic State NBC News

Clark’s father told the publication that his son “does not think about hurting anyone.” An employee of the University of Washington suggested that Clark was lured into the ranks of the “Islamic State”, promising to build a state “only for Muslims.” He also confirmed the authenticity of the resume.

January 8 coalition, struggling with the IG took Clark prisoner in Syria. He was detained along with two militants from Pakistan and five Irish who also joined the Islamic State. In an interview with NBC News, Clark said that at the time of joining the militants he lived in Mosul, and he needed to support himself. He also confirmed that he taught English to the militants. How much he got for this is unknown.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]I just wanted to see what the group does, what it does. […] I wanted to learn more about ideology. I studied political science, the world economy. I like politics. I like to travel. That’s what I wanted to do.[/perfectpullquote]
Warren clarke

Clark also noted that he saw videos with the execution of prisoners, but added that in the United States “also execute people.”

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Of course, I saw videos [with execution]. I think cutting off the head is a penalty. I am from USA, from Texas. They love to execute people there. I really do not see the difference. They may not do this on camera, but this is the same thing.[/perfectpullquote]
Warren clarke

The man claims that he was detained several times for refusing to take up arms. Clark also said that most of the time he lived in a mosque: “I only remember that every day I hoped not to fall under the bombing.” Clark came to the interview on crutches, but said he was injured in a fight.

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