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Hackers have published 1 billion unique combinations of mail and passwords. This is the largest public base of accounts.

With a high probability, your mailing address can be found in this database.

Screenshot from the forum where they distributed “Collection number 1”

About the leak told Troy Hunt. This is a web security expert and site owner where you can find out if your email address was in one of the leaked databases.

In his blog, he said that the cloud service MEGA and one hacker forum published a database containing 772.9 million email-addresses and 21.2 million passwords. It is called “Collection No. 1”.

Initially, the database was 2.6 billion lines. After cleaning the database from repetitions and unnecessary records, Hunt decided that it contained 1.1 billion unique combinations of email addresses and passwords. This data can be used to authorize users on sites.

“Collection number 1” – the largest publication of a solid base in one place. According to Hunt, it contains over two thousand previously published leaks.

There have been larger leaks in the history of the Internet. For example, in December 2016, Yahoo admitted leaking a billion passwords and secret questions three years ago. In 2013, the hacker attack on Yahoo affected 3 billion users. But then leaked data did not fall into the network. “Collections number 1” is the largest of all databases in the public domain.

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