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Family modesty and honor: Malaysian Ministry of Education has withdrawn from schools a book on sex education

First of all, because of the tips for girls.

Tips for schoolgirls: dress modestly, dress in closed rooms and do not walk alone@azrulmohdkhalib

The Malaysian Ministry of Education issued and then withdrew the school book on ethical behavior and sex education. In particular, it talked about the need to preserve the “modesty of their genitals” and to remember about the honor when having sex. This was reported by The Guardian and BBC .

The book, intended for schoolchildren, tells the story of a girl named Amir. The chapter entitled “Saving Modesty” says that girls who do not watch their modesty will be condemned by friends, and also bring disgrace on their family. Girls from elementary grades are advised to change clothes only indoors, not to go it alone and have less sex so as not to draw attention to themselves and their family.

Charitable organizations and companies on sexual education drew attention to the school textbook and criticized. They stated that the educational program “sexifies girls” and shifts responsibility for future sexual offenses to them.

After that, the Minister of Education of Malaysia explained that this page will be replaced after the reissue of the textbook. According to her, what happened “symbolizes the lack of awareness of our society” in matters of sex education. She added that sex education has been considered taboo in the country for many years, so what happened will help in its development.

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