Cotton , grown up on the Chinese lunar probe “Chang’e-4”, died

For scientists, this was expected: “Life in a container will not survive a moonlit night.”

Sprouted cotton on the moon probe Photo of Chongqing University

On January 15, the Chinese lunar probe Chang’e-4 conducted a biological experiment on the moon: for the first time in the history of mankind, it grew tiny cotton shoots outside the Earth. On January 17, scientists reported that cotton seed died from cold on a moonlit night.

The plant survived due to sunlight and a small amount of heat, but with the arrival of night on the other side of the satellite the temperature dropped to –170 ° С. A professor from Chongqing University stated that he did not count on a long experiment: “Life in a container will not survive the moonlit night.”

According to the China National Space Administration, other plants remain in the container, so the experiment is partly continuing. Six biological species were placed on the probe: cotton, rape, potato, Tal rezuhofidku, yeast, as well as the fly-fly fly larvae. They have not shown signs of development.

January 3, Chang’e-4 was the first spacecraft to make a soft landing on the back of the Earth satellite. China’s experiment is the first time the process takes place in a unique lunar environment. The force of attraction on the moon is six times less than on Earth, and due to the absence of the atmosphere, it is subjected to strong radiation exposure.

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