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The guardianship service selected two children from the family of YouTube prankers

The authors of the channel DaddyOFive filmed how they staged jokes and mocked children.

According to her, law enforcement and custody services check parents Mike and Hezar on charges of child abuse. Until the end of the test, children will live with her.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]It was very hard and sad for me to see how they put pressure on my children. Cody told me some terrible things. Allegedly, Mike and Khizar told him that I threw him out like garbage and fell out of love.[/perfectpullquote]
Rose Howl, biological mother

As explained by the lawyer, Huall decided to go to law enforcement when she saw her children being bullied.

On Twitter, a friend of the lawyer’s friends posted a photo of the children from Howl’s house.

This was given to me just now.

Can confirm.

“It just came to me. I can confirm

The Department of Human Resources of the State of Maryland (Maryland Department of Human Resources) refused to confirm the information about the withdrawal of children, explaining this to the confidentiality of the whole situation.

In US law, there is a notion of emergency custody – when there is a risk that children are physically or sexually abused. Emma and Cody are temporarily with the biological mother until the court makes a final decision.

Opinion of parents

On April 22, the Martinov family published an appeal to the audience. In it, parents Mike and Hizar once again told that they would never begin to mock the child. They apologized for the cruel clips that seemed funny to them.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]It was the worst week in our lives, we realized that we did wrong, and now we want to fix it.[/perfectpullquote]
Hizar Martin, author of the DaddyOFive channel
Earlier in an interview with the radio station Good Morning America, parents saidthey were “under special control” of the local police. Law enforcement agencies became interested in the family after dozens of complaints from viewers about child abuse.

According to Mike Martin, they filmed the show on the script and all the drawings were agreed with the children. He added that the children worked with them on the script and, seeing the number of views and comments, felt “truly happy.”

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Our YouTube channel is not a reflection of the real life of the family. We were just heroes. This show, albeit a bad one.[/perfectpullquote]
Hizar Martin, author of the DaddyOFive channel

The Martins explained that they understood their mistake and would no longer deal with pranks. Before that, they published a video in which both children and parents said that all videos are filmed by common consent.

The sheriff of the Baltimore Police Department said law enforcement agencies were carefully studying the commercials on the DaddyOFive channel. According to him, parents together with their children undergo consultations with a psychologist and employees of guardianship bodies

What is there for videos

On the channel DaddyOFive were published about 300 videos devoted to curious or cruel cases in the Martin family. They came out every Wednesday and on average gained 50 to 100 thousand views.

In one video, Mike pushed his son Cody into a bookcase, which broke his nose. In the other – the parents smeared the room with ink and accused one of the sons of everything, after which he began to cry and fell into hysterics. Also, parents often pit the children among themselves or filmed, as they quarrel with them. As a rule, there were a lot of foul language and curses in the commercials.

At the moment, Hizar and Mike have deleted all the videos. However, on YouTube you can find compilations of several Martin Family pranks.

Other videos remained on the second channel of the family – MommyOFive . In one of them the sons dressed up as robbers and played the father.


At the beginning of April, many Western video bloggers stood up for the children and demanded that the guardianship bodies check the Martin family.

The situation was influenced by well-known blogger Philip DeFranco. He collected the most violent and controversial moments from the DaddyOFive commercials, and also asked the YouTube administration to pay attention to the channel distributing cruel content.

Twitter users also did not stand aside: they called on viewers to complain about the videos of the Martin family for promoting violence and child abuse. After the children were removed from the family, they started writing joyful tweets.

@ h3h3productions @JohnScarce this pic pretty much sums up my thoughts on the #daddyofive situation
“This drawing pretty much sums up my attitude to the situation in Daddyofive”
I reported the #daddyofive channel on @youtube for child abuse.
“I complained to YouTube channel Daddyofive for child abuse”
please go report daddyofive on YouTube, he’s physically abusing his children for money / views
“Please complain about Daddyofive on YouTube, they physically and mentally humiliate their children for money and views”
Kids think daddyofive’s prank are ok. Fuck that.
“Children think that pranks Daddyofive is ok. To hell”
those daddyofive videos actually make me so sad. my heart is out for those children.
“These Daddyofive videos make me sad. My heart aches for these children. ”
> Cody and Emma are thank you
Good guy Inter …
“Cody and Emma left the DaddyOFive home and returned to the biological mother. Thank God. Good guy Internet saved the day again “
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