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Russia 24 spoke about the “most modern robot” on Putin’s forum. It turned out to be a man in a robot suit.

Robot Boris begins with 2:32

On December 11, the All-Russian Forum “PROJECT” opened in Yaroslavl, which is held annually by order of Vladimir Putin. Previously, the event was called “Future Intellectual Leaders of Russia”.

On the opening day, the forum showed a robot Boris, who allegedly knows math, knows how to walk, talk and dance under “Skibidi”. Journalists of Vesti Yaroslavl dedicated part of the story to Boris: he was shown during the words about the “most modern robots” on the forum. There were no other robots in the plot of “Russia 24”.

The robot shown on the “PROJECT” scene caused many questions.

  • Why the robot can not see a single sensor? Even the notorious robot Fedorclearly visible sensors in place of the head. There are only flashing LEDs in the head;
  • How did Russian scientists get the finished robot so quickly, without publishing any intermediate results? The famous Boston Dynamics has gone quite a long way from a four-legged robot, powered by a powered cable, to a forward-facing autonomous robot-powered battery;
  • Why the Internet about the robot Boris (namely, the so-called plot of the robot) is unknown, because, judging by the stated characteristics, it is one of the most advanced robots in the world, and certainly the most advanced robot in Russia;
  • Why does the robot make so many unnecessary movements with different parts of the body during the dance? More like clumsy human movements, shackled with an uncomfortable suit than the programmed movements of a real robot;
  • Why does the robot look as if a man would fit perfectly inside it? In real robots, on the contrary – hands and legs attached on small hinges, narrow waist and so on;
  • Why lie, giving a pre-recorded recording to the voice of a robot? After all, the microphone was not brought to his mouth (or where he had the speakers), but Boris’s voice still sounded from the acoustic system of the hall.

The answer was found after a brief googling at the request “robot suit”. Meet: this is the “Alesha Robot” costume :

“Alyosha” sellers declare that “the design and technical execution of this costume create an almost complete illusion that you have a real robot” and that “visually it seems that the robot, like the Asimo robot, walks slightly crouched, but in fact the animator walks straight in and feels quite comfortable. “

During Boris’s speech at the forum, no one declared that he was a real robot. In the section “Can a robot and a person work in the same team?” It was usedmore for humorous scenes and as part of the show. In moments that were not included in the plot of “Russia 24”, robot Boris, for example, confessed his love for poker and the game Dota 2.

At the same time, claiming that “Russia 24” did not know about the fake and was deceived by the organizers of the forum is impossible – the neck of the animator inside the costume is clearly visible on the “Vesti” photo. Throughout the story, journalists did not say that the work is not real. But noted his ability to learn.

Updated (10:45): “Russia 24” removed from the YouTube channel the plot of the program “Vesti Yaroslavl” with robot Boris.

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