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A hotel has opened in Japan where customers are met and served by robots

The robots are fluent in English, meet visitors at the front desk, automatically place an order, give out the keys to the room and carry the baggage of customers. Robots are also cleaned at the hotel. They can even cook their guests lunch.

Currently in the Japanese hotel, which was called Henn-na , there are 10 mechanical humanoids: 3 administrators, 4 janitors, 2 maids and a cloakroom attendant. However, while the hotel staff is not only robots, it also employs 10 people. At the same time, experts plan that in future robots will perform 90% of all necessary procedures in Henn-na .

To call the desired robot in the room, guests only need to press a couple of buttons on the tablet, which is issued to each visitor of the hotel, with specially installed software. Representatives of artificial intelligence were developed by Koroko, which was able to give a human appearance to soulless machines.

Robots standing at the entrance of the hotel look like young Japanese girls. They know how to breathe, blink, establish eye contact with interlocutors, speak several intonations, and also speak fluently Japanese, Chinese, Korean and English.

So far the hotel is not very big: there are only two floors and 72 rooms. However, after a year the owners plan to double the number of rooms. The cost of a single room is 60 dollars per night, and a triple room – 153 dollars.

If the idea turns out to be successful and the hotel will be popular, experts plan to build about 1000 more similar hotels around the world.

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