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Two cats did not get along with the American dog. Now they live separately – in an apartment for 1,5 thousand dollars

It does not have a kitchen, but there is an Apple TV.

Louis (above) and Tina photos of Mercury News

Silicon Valley resident Troy Good (Troy Good) rents a studio apartment for a couple of cats for 1.5 thousand dollars a month, according to Mercury News. Hood describes cats as “very calm” tenants.

Daughter left Gudea cats when she left to study, but they did not get along with his dog. The man did not turn the cats out or give them to someone. The solution to the problem came to him when he learned that his friend David Callish (David Callisch) is going to rent an apartment. Callish visits cats every day, feeds them and plays with them.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Obviously, they are very calm. The only problem – because of them, sometimes it smells unpleasant.[/perfectpullquote]
David Callish
cat owner buddy

According to Mercury News, the average cost of a studio in Silicon Valley is about $ 1,950. In the apartment that Hood rents, there is no kitchen – but it is unlikely that cats have any inconvenience. But pets have Apple TV.

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