In the African desert, speakers set up with the song “Africa” by Toto on the “eternal” replay

Installation with speakers and solar panels in order to make the track “immortal.”

The artist from Nanibia, Max Siedentopf, made an unusual installation in the middle of the oldest desert in the Namib world. He installed several solar powered speakers, connected an MP3 player to them – and turned on the Toto song “Africa” on the “perpetual replay”.

TOTO FOREVER from Max Siedentopf on Vimeo.

The five-minute track, released in 1982, became a meme about 30 years later. A lot of covers and parodies were made to the song, and in almost every new musical meme, sooner or later there is a reference to “Africa”. Also the video for the Toto song is over 440 million views on YouTube.

Zidentopf said that he was inspired by the popularity of the song on the Internet, and decided to give her a “tribute” by placing the song “Africa” ​​in Africa. The artist hoped that now the track will play forever in the desert – the installation was made in such a way as to ensure longevity. But he admitted, the harsh conditions of Namib can prevent the idea.

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