Hulu unexpectedly released his movie about “the worst festival in history” Fyre four days before Netflix

This is what the online cinema war of 2019 looks like.

Fyre Festival Photo bystander
Fyre Festival Photo bystander

Online cinema Hulu has released a documentary about the “worst festival in history” Fyre Festival in the Bahamas. The release took place four days before the expected Netflix movie premiere on the same topic. However, if Netflix announced its work in advance and released a trailer, then no one from the audience knew about the Hulu picture – and the teaser appeared only after it was released.

The film Hulu own production called Fyre Fraud (can be translated as “scam on Fyre”). The service started promoting the tape five minutes before its release: a viral photo with sandwiches at the festival appeared on the twitter account and a joke about the money stolen by the organizers.

Hulu movie trailer for Fyre Festival

It is difficult to say how the Hulu film is fundamentally different from the Netflix film. Judging by the trailers, in both documentaries there are a lot of clips from the festival visitors and interviews with people who participated in its organization. But only Hulu interviewed businessman Billy Macfarland, who was later sentenced to six years and fined $ 26 million for fraud.

Netflix Movie Trailer for Fyre Festival

American publications have already called what is happening between Hulu and Netflix ” struggle ” and ” war .” The editor of the Comicbook publication noted that it was not by chance that Hulu released the film on January 14: by coincidence, it was released at the time of the fall of the journalistic embargo, that is, the appearance of reviews of the Netflix film.

“[The Hulu film] came out not just in a few days [before the Netflix film], but at the same time as the embargo fell on the Netflix documentary. People are looking for information about the documentary about Fyre and – a surprise – see that some kind is already available online. ”

Netflix has not yet commented on the situation. The service announced its documentary “FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened” (“FYRE: The Greatest Party That Has Never Held”) on January 11th. The premiere is scheduled for January 18, there was no information about a possible transfer.

Hulu and Netflix movie posters:

The elite music festival Fyre Festival was to be held on one of the Bahamas at the end of April 2017. He was organized by McFarland and rapper Ja Rule. Tickets cost several thousand dollars, popular models participated in the advertisement, guests were promised performances by major artists, food from a famous chef and comfortable apartments. Arriving instead of the above, they found tents, dry closets, no famous artists and terrible food from containers.

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