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Gillette rejected the slogan “Better for man is not” in favor of advertising against the harm of masculinity

The refusal of the recognizable phrase “There is no better for a man” and the new policy of the company was met with criticism.

Images of fathers on the barbecue, who praise their sons for a fight Frame from advertising Gillette

The manufacturer of shaving accessories, Gillette, has replaced the iconic slogan “The Best Man Can Get Better for a Man” (“The Best Man Can Get”), used for over 30 years, to “The Best Men Can Be”. In the new advertising, the company called on men to change their approach to masculinity – to stop harassment, violence and harassment. This was noticed by Business Insider.

Advertising Gillette uses the phrase “Boys will be boys” (“Boys will be boys”). It shows stereotypes about “typical male behavior” in society: boys, classmates, boys, whistling after a girl, and men, sexually harassing colleagues at work. This video has become part of the #MeToo charitable company against sexual harassment.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]We can’t hide anymore. This has been going on for too long. We cannot laugh at it or use old excuses. Something has finally changed. There is no turning back. Therefore, we believe in the best in men.[/perfectpullquote]
Gillette ad phrase

Despite this, as well as the fact that Gillette promised to donate a million dollars annually to non-profit organizations to help men, the video was negatively met on social networks and on YouTube – 206 thousand dislays against 22 thousand likes. Dozens of tweets with criticism also appeared on Twitter, but a few also praised the brand for honesty.

“I just used a Gillette razor to cut my eggs. No more toxic muscularity. Thank you, Gillette! ”

“Thank you for that, Gillette. Even though I never shave my hair from my feminist principles, I will start buying your blades and support your bold work. ”

“Just sell me some damn blades and keep your stupid social justice away. Looks like it’s Dollar Shave Club time. ”

“Excellent company. It is a pity that many men think that being a man means not allowing yourself to be sensual and does not treat others with respect. ”

“We don’t need a policy on our shaving gel”

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