Against the streaming service Tidal opened an investigation. The media learned about cheating auditions Beyonce and Kanye West albums

Based on the documents, 320 million streams were fake.

Beyonce from the photo shoot for the album Lemonade

The Norwegian authorities launched an investigation into the “manipulations” in the Tidal streaming service, which is based in the country and belongs to the American rapper Jay-Z. This was reported by the local newspaper Dagens Næringsliv and confirmed by the Office for the Investigation of Economic and Environmental Crimes.

Norwegian authorities clarified that in 2018 they received complaints against Tidal Music AS from the Tono SA copyright association, Gramart and Fono labels, as well as from the Union of Musicians. The case is investigated under criminal articles of aggravated fraud. Representatives of Tidal said they are not in the status of suspects and regularly communicate with investigators.

The basis of complaints and investigation is a series of materials Dagens Næringsliv that Tidal inflated the number of listening to the album Beyoncé «Lemonade» Kanye West and «The Life of Pablo». According to the newspaper, a total of service “screwed” 320 million streams. After Tidal denied the accusations, the journalists published a 74-page report – it followed from the document that they had received all the information from public sources and lawfully.

According to the rules of streaming services, the higher the number of streaming auditions, the more royalties are paid to the artist (cash reward). As journalists found out , Tidal owed payments to record labels for several months.

According to media reports, Tidal has 4.2 million paid subscribers and is significantly inferior in terms of this indicator to its direct competitors. Apple Music has 56 million , Spotify has at least 87 .

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