Users complained that Samsung Pay is draining its smartphone batteries. The problem is solved by reinstalling the application.

It is not clear what the reason for this behavior of the service, but users have found several solutions.

Owners of Samsung smartphones are facing increased battery consumption. Devices show that the reason in the service Samsung Pay. This was reported by the SlashGear and AndroidPolice publications, citing user complaints .

It is not clear which models the problem is affecting. Reddit users noticed that their Samsung smartphones began to run out after the last update. They decided to find out what the problem was and installed applications for monitoring battery consumption. It turned out that in some cases up to 60% of the charge goes to the Samsung Pay Framework process.

One example is that Samsung Pay took 23% of the battery charge with zero usage in the background and on the screen Imgur Screenshot

Users have found several possible solutions to the problem. One of the main options was the reinstallation of Samsung Pay – after that the service stops consuming the battery and works as before.

The user under the pseudonym Smooshie recommended to disable or delete all applications and services related to Facebook. According to him, the Samsung Pay Framework includes not only Samsung Pay, but also third-party processes.

One user suggested that the problem may lie in the conflict between Samsung’s different functions with each other. He said that he turned off the optimization of the battery, and at the same time limited the work of Samsung Pay in the background. After that, the smartphone started working again normally.

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