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The mayor of Derbent gave an apartment to the family of a nine-year-old boy who helps his mother clean up the streets

The head of the city also offered the student to become his public assistant.

Naida and Amir Hashimov in the new apartment photo "Derbent news"
Naida and Amir Hashimov in the new apartment photo “Derbent news”

Mayor of Derbent Khizri Abakarov presented the family of nine-year-old Amir Hashimov with a two-room apartment in a new building. The head of the city made this decision, having learned that the boy was helping his janitor mother, Naida Gashimova, who, in addition to Amir, has four more children.

New apartment Gashimov

In December, Rossiyskaya Gazeta wrote that the family did not have an apartment – it rented low-cost housing without amenities due to the low wages of the mother. To help, Amir every morning in front of the school went with her to sweep the city streets.

Abakarov later learned about this story. He invited Amir and his mother to him, and also promised to give the boy a full outfit of the Anji club and invited him and his friends to Anzhi-Arena.


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Недавно мне рассказали историю об одном мальчике, который уже несколько лет помогает своей маме -дворнику подметать улицы. Это тяжелый труд даже для взрослого, а ребенок сам вызвался на него. Это говорит об его ответственности, любви к матери и сильном характере. Пригласил Амира Гашимова и его маму Наиду к себе, поздравил их с наступающим Новым годом. На следующей неделе привезу Амиру полную экипировку «Анжи», также пригласил его с друзьями на «Анжи-Арену», их бесплатно привезут, отведут на все аттракционы, в батутный центр, покормят. Большое спасибо Наиде Гашимовой за то, что она воспитывает такого хорошего парня!

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In addition, the mayor invited Amir to become his public assistant. “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”, the press service of the mayor’s office told that the duties of the boy will come to inform city leaders about the problems at the school where he studies in the area where he lives.

According to the newspaper “Derbent news”, the apartment is located near the place where the family had previously rented accommodation. Therefore, the boy does not have to change school and part with friends.

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