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The discoverer of the DNA structure and the Nobel laureate were deprived of all prizes. He again called whites smarter than dark-skinned

James Watson has been at war with the scientific community for several years because of his views.

James Watson Photo Newshub / AFP

James Watson is a 90-year-old American biologist who gained worldwide fame when he discovered the three-dimensional structure of the DNA molecule. In 1962, along with two other molecular biologists, he received the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine. However, in 2014, Watson sold his medal at auction for nearly $ 5 million. He explained this by criticism and ostracism of the scientific community to him because of statements about the differences between black and white.

Dr. Watson’s scandalous statements:

  • “If it were possible to find a gene responsible for sexual orientation, and some woman would decide that she does not want to have a homosexual child, – well, let it be,” the biologist quoted in an interview with The Sunday Telegraph. After the scientist explained that he did not advocate the murder of children with homosexuality, and asked to give women a choice during pregnancy;
  • In another interview, a biologist spoke about obese people: “When you interview a fat person, you feel uncomfortable because you know that you are not going to take him to work”;
  • In 2007, the biologist first announced the differences between the representatives of the Negroid and Caucasians in the level of intelligence:“I, in fact, see gloomy prospects for Africa, because our entire social policy is built on the assumption of the fact that their intelligence level is the same as ours – while all tests say that this is not so.”

After several controversial interviews, Dr. Watson began to lose influence in science. He was removed from work at the Cold Spring Harbor laboratory and all administrative duties, and he was also nearly deprived of the title of honorary professor named after Oliver Grace. However, the biologist apologized and called his statements a provocation. After that, several scientists released columns and refutations of Watson ‘s theory of the differences between blacks and whites.

Despite this, in 2014, Watson declared persecution from the scientific community and sold the Nobel medal: “I became a“ non-human. ” No one wants to admit that I exist. ” This is the first time in history when the award of a laureate leaves the auction during his lifetime. The buyer was a Russian businessman Alisher Usmanov: in 2015, he returned his medal to Watson at a lecture at the Russian Academy of Sciences.

In January 2019, Watson was still deprived of all honorary titles, and his opinion was called reprehensible and “not supported by science.” The occasion was a documentary for the PBS television company, in which the biologist reiterated the intellectual difference between blacks and whites, based on genes, and not on differences in environment and education.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]I would like for research to show that our upbringing and environment are more important than our nature. But I have not seen such. On average, the difference between black and white is visible in the IQ tests. I would say that this is a difference at the genetic level.[/perfectpullquote]
James watson
nobel laureate and biologist

At the time of the deprivation of awards, Watson is in a nursing home and is recovering from a car accident. The biologist has not yet commented on the incident.

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