Signs showing 68.9 and 419.9 miles appeared on US roads

So regional authorities are struggling with theft.


The US authorities have been struggling for years with motorists who steal road signs. Since 2012, 608 pointers have been forced to replace the state of Washington , most of which were notable precisely by numbers.

According to the state authorities, 69 and 420 turned out to be among the most frequently stolen signs. It’s hard to say what each offender motorist was guided by. But the number 69 is usually associated with sexual posture, and 420 with culturally accepted time for using marijuana (4:20 am), April 20, and a campaign in support of legalization.

Until recently, the Washington Department of Transportation used a dangerous and inconvenient way to solve the problem – it missed places on the roads where it was necessary to put signs that were popular among kidnappers.

From 2019, authorities hang a sign with a close value: for example, not 420, but 419 or 421 miles. Or not 69, but 68.9 miles. Thus, the new signs are not of interest for theft, but still provide location information.



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