Media: Apple solved the problems with the AirPower wireless charging mat and is ready to start production

Journalists are waiting for the device since the announcement in September 2017.

AirPower Apple Photo Pad
AirPower Apple Photo Pad

Apple has solved the technical problems associated with the AirPower wireless charging mat. Company contractors can begin assembling devices on January 21st. This was announced by the Hong Kong website ChargerLAB, citing a “trustworthy” source among Apple contractors.

According to the source’s source, Luxshare Precision, a Chinese manufacturer, has already begun production of AirPower and its “will be released soon.” The company is part of the Wireless Power Consortium, which is behind the Qi standard, and manufactures AirPods headphones for Apple, as well as Lighting cables — USB-C. In February 2017, the media called Luxshare Precision the main supplier of AirPower.

Later ChargerLAB published another message with a link to another source. According to him, Pegatron was also connected to the production and it will begin assembling the devices on January 21st. The interlocutor noted that AirPower received three levels of power coils, which will be located according to the scheme 8-7-7 from bottom to top of the device.

The AirPower mat was announced in September 2017 along with the iPhone X and the Apple Watch Series 3. According to Apple’s idea, it was supposed to provide simultaneous wireless charging of other devices of the company. They wanted to release it in 2018, but in June, Bloomberg reported that the company faced difficulties and moved the project to fall.

During the presentation of Apple in September 2018, the rug was never remembered from the stage, and its references from the company’s site disappeared . Sonny Dickson’s blog revealed that Apple faced three separate issues with AirPower. Among them, overheating of the device during operation, incorrect operation of the communication software, which transmitted information about the level of charge, as well as the concept of a mat for simultaneous charging of three devices.

As the resource noted, Apple engineers wanted the devices to be put on any part of the rug and they were still charging. To do this, engineers used a variety of induction coils located close to each other. However, because of this, interferences appeared between the coils and they ceased to be effective, and the isolation of the coils was a difficult task.

In addition, Apple has not released a case with the possibility of wireless charging for AirPods – the current case does not support charging without wires. Analysts believe that it will be released in early 2019 before the new generation of headphones in 2020.

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