Fans of the horror “Bird Box” blindfolded and do everything blindly. Netflix requests to abandon challenge

“Do not get to the hospital because of memes.”

““ Bird box “without context”

“Sandra Bullock in the” Bird Box “whenever her birds chirp”

“Blind people live carelessly while demons kill everyone else.”
It seemed that there was nowhere to escape from the discussion of the “Bird Box”.

“I pretend that I understand the memes about the Bird Box, although I haven’t seen the movie yet.”

“This is me when I try to understand the plot of the“ Bird Box ”only by memes”


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Anyone else like this right now? . . . #birdboxmovie #birdbox #newwave #netflix #netflixmovies #netflixandchill #simpsons #movie #sandrabullock #netflixshows #whatstrending #trendingtopic

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I and the talk about the “bird box”
Then the Bird Box fans began to blindfold themselves and their loved ones, and then parody the film’s episodes. Some “blind” attempts are dangerous: in one of the videos, the father runs through the house with a small child, and he hits the wall.

Those who looked at the “Bird Box” tried not only to reproduce the scenes, but to perform a blindfold joke with everyday activities.


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When the creatures are after you but you still have Olympic dreams #birdbox #birdboxchallenge #birdboxmovie #skating #figureskating #iceskating #netflix #coach #donttrythisathome #blackboyjoy

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Bird Box In Real Life 🐦

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Road crossing

Conversation on the area

Make-up on the morning TV

Challenge – 24 hours blindfolded
No incidents or injuries have been reported during #BirdBoxChallenge yet. However, the meme spread out wide enough for Netflix to issue a warning.

“I cannot believe that I am saying this, but: please do not harm yourself with this BirdBoxChallenge. We don’t know how it started, and we appreciate your love, but Boy and Girl would like only one in 2019: so that you don’t get to the hospital because of memes ”(Boy and Girl are characters from a book and a movie – )
But whether NetFlix participants will listen to challenge is a completely different question.

“This is not Netflix says, it’s them. They are trying to get you to remove the bandage. Don’t listen! ”(Movie reference – )

“I can’t read what you wrote right now.”

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