The Google Assistant has a simultaneous interpreter for 27 languages, including Russian.

But the translation is not instantaneous, and several people cannot speak at the same time.

Google has released a simultaneous translation feature in 27 different languages ​​for voice assistant Google Assistant. The transfer will be carried out in real time. The first to access the new feature will be Google Home Hub users.

As The Verge writes, the function is activated after the command, which may sound like “help me speak French” or “become my translator to French”. Then Google Assistant will display the text of the translation on the display in parallel with the reproduction of speech. If the device user answers in his language, the assistant translates and reproduces his speech.

The user does not have to call the language in which he speaks – Google Assistant can recognize it on his own, if he is on the list of available.

At the same time, there are several limitations for using the new function. For example, two people cannot speak at the same time. The Verge also noted that after each replica it is necessary to wait for the completion of the transfer, but did not specify the waiting time. In addition, Google Assistant may miss some of the proposals, says the publication.

Languages ​​supported by Google Assistant:

  • Arab;
  • Chinese;
  • Czech;
  • Danish;
  • Dutch;
  • English;
  • Finnish;
  • Deutsch;
  • Greek;
  • Hindi;
  • Indonesian;
  • Italian;
  • Japanese;
  • Korean;
  • Polish;
  • Portuguese;
  • Romanian;
  • Russian;
  • Slovak;
  • Spanish;
  • Swedish;
  • Thai;
  • Turkish;
  • Ukrainian;
  • Vietnamese.

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