WSJ: the top version of “iPhone 11” will get a triple camera, and the iPhone XR heir – a double

The names of the future devices are still unknown, but there are already the first renders.

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In 2019, Apple will release three flagship iPhones: 2 with OLED screens and one with LCD. The maximum version of the main line will receive a triple camera, and the XR heir will receive two modules instead of one, the names of future models are not yet known. This was reported by The Wall Street Journal, citing its sources.

The WSJ information coincides with the render of the future iPhone from insider Steve Hemmerstoffer, which he allegedly made based on prototypes. According to the publication, an important part of the flagships in 2019 will be new camera features.

It is noted that the younger version of the “iPhone 11” will remain with a dual camera, and three modules will be available only on the largest and most expensive version. This is different from the current Apple policy with the iPhone XS, when the main difference between the two smartphones is the size of the screen.

According to WSJ, Apple has already reached the device development stage, when basic functions cannot be easily changed, but the process is not yet complete. It is noted that the roadmap for iPhones 2020 still remains “very flexible.”

The sources say that Apple may miss the XR update in 2019 and release a new version of the smartphone in 2020. The exact names of the future flagships are still unknown: some editions use the iPhone 11 wording for convenience, and the other iPhone XI.

As noted in the 9to5Mac edition, on the renderers the cameras are located asymmetrically, and this is unlike the principles of Apple hardware design. Journalists believe that while the device is in the process of approving the final design.

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