He wants to improve the quality of translations and cover more languages.

Wikimedia foundation
Wikimedia foundation

As the Wikimedia Foundation reported , Google Translator was added to an internal content translation tool that editors can use to add material to non-English versions of Wikipedia . With it, editors can create an initial version of the translation, which you can then view and edit for ease of reading in your language. As the company says, today the tool was used to translate nearly 400 thousand articles.

According to the Foundation, the Wikipedia editors have long asked for the integration of Google Translator and now they can choose it along with other machine translation systems . All translations made using Google Translator will be published under a free license. Also, support for 15 new languages ​​is now available, for example, Hausa, Kurmanji, Yoruba, Zulu. Thus, the total number of languages ​​supported for translation has been increased to 121.

According to VentureBeat, this integration is a consequence of the previously concluded partnership between Google and the Wikimedia Foundation. The company announced in December that it would help the encyclopedia to make articles in English more accessible to people in Indonesia.

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