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Roskomnadzor found at the BBC “materials that broadcast the installation of terrorist organizations”

The reason was the quotes of the leader of the “Islamic State”.

Roskomnadzor found in the texts of the BBC materials that “broadcast the ideological attitudes of international terrorist organizations.” It is reported by thepress service of the regulator.

The Roskomnadzor clarified that we are talking about quotes from the leader of the Islamic State terrorist group Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. In what materials they are found, the department did not report. The regulator checks for compliance of these materials with Russian anti-extremist legislation.

On January 9, Roskomnadzor sent British TV Ltd. a request for documents that confirm compliance with the requirements of the media law on restricting direct or indirect control of Russian media by foreign organizations. Information must be submitted before January 16.

Updated at 21:20: the BBC stated that the corporation works in Russia in accordance with Russian legislation, reports TASS. The corporation added that they are “always ready” to provide law enforcement agencies with additional information about the coverage of various events.

Roskomnadzor began checking the BBC on December 21, after violations found by RT in the UK. During the inspection, the ministry was going to study the work of the media holding “for compliance of the materials produced with Russian legislation”. The Kremlin said that questions to the BBC have accumulated in several Russian departments because of the “biased” work in recent years.

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