For Android, this feature is not yet developed.

Instagram users on iOS now have the option of publishing the same image to multiple accounts at once. This representative of the company told TechCrunch.

We are rolling out this feature to provide more convenience to people who often post in multiple accounts.

Instagram representative

Publication TechCrunch noted that the new feature can be useful both to companies and users who want to publish ads from different accounts.

Will this function appear on Android users, the representative of the social network did not specify. At the same time, the social network is testing for Android a new way to import photos from Google Photos: they are available on the image selection screen, and not in a separate folder with photos.

We are testing this feature only on Android. It was possible to share Google-photos on Android before, but for this we had to take a few steps. Therefore, we are improving this function to simplify it.

Instagram representative
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