In St. Petersburg, public utilities have painted over the street artist’s graffiti. Residents began to scrub paint with coins.

Restore the picture will not work, but it is already clearly visible.

Instagram  photo pashacas

Residents of St. Petersburg tried to restore the picture of the street artist Pasha Kasa after it was painted over by public utilities. To do this, they began to rub the wall at the corner of Nevsky and Suvorovsky avenues. About this “Fontanka” said St. Petersburg resident Valentin Smirnov.

According to the man, on January 9, he wanted to look at the picture, but instead he met green paint, which someone had already begun to rub. Smirnov decided to join the process, and soon other Petersburgers followed his example.

The man noted that it felt like cleaning up a picture was like erasing a lottery ticket code. It was not possible to completely get rid of the paint, however, according to the Petersburger, “this is not necessary,” since the picture now has a “special story”.

On the night of December 31, street-art artist Pavel Kas painted a mortgaged doorway at the corner of Nevsky and Suvorovsky avenues. The graffiti was depicted opening the door to the Soviet New Year.

Instagram photo pashacas

Petersburg public utilities painted over the picture of Kas on the evening of January 5, despite the fact that no one complained about it. The artist took it calmly and promised new art objects.

In St. Petersburg, painted over graffiti caused discontent and after that, in the Assembly of the City, they accelerated the preparation of a street art law. According to the authors, he will allow street artists to create with impunity.

According to the bill, the authorities will create an official list of objects on which artists will be able to draw with minimal formalities. There will include, for example, the gray masses of buildings on the outskirts. In addition, the city plans to create art zones where coordination will not be needed. However, drawing on historical and cultural monuments will be completely prohibited.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Imagine that Banksy came to Petersburg for a couple of days and wants to draw something. The city will only win, a new landmark will appear! Banksy will ask friends: where can you draw with impunity? And they will give him a list of addresses, they will give a notice on their behalf, since Banksy wants to keep it incognito – and we will have his picture. Now Banksy will not be able to do anything legally, and if he is caught, they will reveal the person, and they will also deport him. And in any case, public utilities painting painted over. Imagine – paint Banksy![/perfectpullquote]
Denis Chetyrbok
author of the street art bill
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