In social networks, we learned about the “spy” function of AirPods. It allows you to eavesdrop on people using headphones and an iphone

How to turn on the function and why it will not turn Apple headphones into a full-fledged James Bond gadget.

In 2018, Apple introduced the “Live-listening” feature (or “Live Listen”) for AirPods. With it, you can turn your iPhone or iPad into an amplified microphone that transmits real-time ambient sounds to wireless headphones. The first version of the function appeared in 2016, but then it worked only with hearing aids and was intended for hearing impaired people.

Now Apple on its website is positioning “Live Listen” as a way to clearly hear the interlocutor in a noisy environment or in another part of the room. To do this, turn on the function, turn up the volume on the headphones and bring the smartphone (or another device with iOS 12 or later) as close as possible to the other party.

A few months after the appearance of the function in social networks, it was announced that it turns AirPods into a full-fledged “spy gadget”. In popular instructions, users were asked to turn on “Live Listen”, leave the smartphone in a room with other people, and listen in on someone else’s conversation.

One of the instructions scored almost 30 thousand retweets per day on Twitter, and in the comments they were surprised that they didn’t know about the function. Later, the media got involved in the discussion of “Live Listen”, calling the Apple Wireless Headphones “a device for James Bond” and “a gadget for super hearing”

In fact, the function does not turn AirPods into a complete espionage device. IPhone must be left near people who need to be overheard, which means it is not much different from the included voice recorder – only the opportunity to hear everything in real time. In this case, the owner of the headphones can not move away from the smartphone: no one has canceled the limitations of Bluetooth. Appleinsider staff also noted that in the “Live Listen” mode, the headphones are quickly discharged.

If someone still wants to test the function – here is the instruction how to turn it on:

  • First of all, you need to add a function to the Control Point. To do this, go to “Settings”, and then to the “Control Point”;
  • You must click on “Customize Element. control “, and add the function” Hearing “(icon with the ear);
  • After saving the settings, an ear icon will appear in the Control Point. You need to click on it, and then select “Live-audition”;
  • In social networks, it is advised to turn up the volume to the maximum so that the smartphone in microphone mode captures as many sounds as possible. But in this case, extraneous loud sounds can “beat” on the ears.
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