Arrested FSB officers officially accused of treason and cooperation with US intelligence agencies

Two FSB operatives and a Kaspersky Lab employee arrested in December 2016 were formally charged with treason. There are no other charges in their case, reports TASS.

The head of the Information Security Center Sergey Mikhailov, his subordinate Dmitry Dokuchaev and the Kaspersky Lab manager Ruslan Stoyanov are accused of transferring state secrets to US intelligence agencies. With what special services the Russians collaborated – not specified.

In the Kremlin, commenting on the arrest and accusation of FSB officers, they said that the matter had nothing to do with cyber attacks on the US electoral system, in which Washington accused Russian hackers.

Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov stated that “no such affairs can have anything to do with these ridiculous insinuations,” recalling that the Kremlin categorically denies Russia’s involvement in hacker attacks on the US

On whether the president knows about the treason of the FSB officers, Peskov said that he did not know for certain.

In early December 2016, the head of the CIB FSB, an operative of his department and an employee of Kaspersky Lab were detained on suspicion of treason. Later it became known that the detained FSB officers might be involved in the Hackty-Dumpty hacker group, also known as the Anonymous International, which hacked the mail of Russian businessmen and high-ranking officials.

In January 2017, it became known that before the arrest of the FSB officers, the head of the Humpty Dumpty website, journalist Vladimir Anikeev, known as Lewis, was also detained. According to one of the versions, they and the FSB officers became interested after the personal correspondence of the presidential aide Vladislav Surkov fell into the hands of Anonymous International.

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