Mother promised not to punish him this time.

Burden family trailer for the Borden family photo by Good Will Fire Company
Burden family trailer for the Borden family photo by Good Will Fire Company

13-year-old teenager from Newcastle Damir Borden (Damir Borden) saved the family from death in a fire thanks to Netflix. The boy disobeyed his mother, who forbade him to watch TV shows at night and asked him to go to bed, and because of this he noticed a fire.

Damira’s mother, Angela Marie , said that her husband was at work at the time of the fire. The teenager began to scream, woke his mother and told her about the fire.

I can’t imagine what would happen if Damir slept while the fire started. I can’t imagine that [my husband] went home and found out that we are no longer there.

Angela Marie Borden
Damira’s mother

Damir also tried to save the animals, however, as the Toronto Sun writes , two dogs died, two more disappeared. According to NBC Philadelphia, the cat and three lizards also died .

Damir Borden shot from video WPVI-TV
Damir Borden shot from video WPVI-TV

In an interview with WPVI-TV Damir explained that he first noticed the smoke. He noted that at the time of fire watched the series “Flash”. The teenager’s mother added that this time she did not punish him for disobedience.

I saw smoke in the corridor, then I noticed a fire. And then I started screaming and calling my mom, because at that moment she was sleeping. If it were not for Netflix, I would probably sleep.

Damir Borden

Mobile house Bordenov burned down completely. The cause of the fire was a short circuit. The Red Cross charitable organization provided the family with $ 600 for hotel accommodation and the purchase of necessary things. In addition, Borden’s neighbors organized a fundraiser for them.

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