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African cyberpunk: in Ghana, showed military equipment with exoskeletons and upright robots

While everyone lives in the year 2019, Ghanaian soldiers are already in the year 3019.

Shot from the plot of the TV channel Kifo

Ghana is not the most advanced African country, ranking 11th in the continent in terms of nominal GDP. The publication The New York Times in the spring of 2018 called the economy of Ghana one of the fastest growing in the world. On December 30, the 38th annual technological exhibition was held in the capital, Accra. And there they showed “military equipment of the future,” including exoskeletons and combat robots.

Shows of new technologies are supported by the local car company Kantanka. Its founder is the African Quadvo Safo Kantanka, who proclaimed himself the apostle and founder of his own religious teachings. For 2018, he presented, for example, a three-wheeled sports car and a limousine, combined with a motorcycle. Products Kantanka periodically fall into the collection of unusual transport, but in Ghana, he is considered a famous inventor.

Kvadvo Safo Kantanka

The theme of the latest technology exhibition was “Expanding the boundaries of science, art and technology through religion.” Kantanka showed the representatives of the government and the army of Ghana the prototypes of their military developments. The main one was the working prototype of the “largest armored personnel carrier in the world”. The African inventor took care of the comfort of the soldiers: the armored car’s interior is completely trimmed with white leather.

Ghanaian media have paid the most attention to the armored personnel carrier, but Western journalists have paid attention to the soldiers who accompanied the transport. They were dressed in “exoskeleton” from Kantanka with massive armor and weapons on their backs. The video from the presentation shows that the fighters in it are not very comfortable.

Another set of “exoskeleton” showed no man. The technical characteristics of the costume are unknown.

Another development presented to the public is a upright combat robot. He did not work at the exhibition, there was also no pilot inside. In structure, it resembles the Russian robot “ Igor ” from the “Kalashnikov” concern.

A similar development has already been shown in Ghana in 2016, but it has not yet entered production.

The development of the Ghanaian inventor praised Otumfuo Osei Tutu II – the king of Ashanti, part of Ghana. He expressed bewilderment why the country’s army has not yet adopted the equipment that Kantanka shows every year.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]The writings of the apostle Kwadvo Sappho are outside of science. Every year he reveals his mysterious inventions, but we did not even bother to approach him and ask how he makes them. There is something special about it, something that we have to use right now.[/perfectpullquote]
Otumfuo Osei Tutu II
king ashanti

Apostle Kvadvo Sappho at the technology exhibition stressed that the people of Ghana should buy local products, because in this way the country will be able to “overcome economic difficulties.”

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