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Laos returned to Russia fully operational Soviet T-34 tanks 

But Russia does not plan to put them on board again.

Photo by Alexey Danichev, RIA "Novosti"
Photo by Alexey Danichev, RIA “Novosti”

The authorities of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic returned 30 T-34-85 tanks to Russia, which “until recently” were in service with the country’s army and are in perfect working order, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported .

Russia plans to use tanks not for direct purposes, but for the Victory Parades, as museum exhibits and for filming historical war films.

Legendary Soviet tanks, which were produced since 1940, delivered by sea to Vladivostok. Then the armored vehicles are planned to be transported to the Moscow region by rail.

T-34 was considered the main tank of the Red Army until the first half of 1944, until the T-34-85 modification arrived at the troops.

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