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In Russia, suggested the use of microbes to combat alcoholism

Russian researchers have identified the spectrum of the intestinal bacterial flora, which leads to the development of liver cancer, according to Izvestia. The obtained data will allow modifying the bacteria found and using them to reduce alcohol dependence, as well as reduce the harmful effects of alcohol on other organs.

Scientists propose to change the phenotype of microorganisms so that they do not enter into toxic interaction with liver cells, the newspaper writes. This will help not only prevent the dangerous consequences of alcohol abuse, but also reduce the craving for alcohol.

“Regular drinking leads to psychological and physical dependence. Changing the spectrum of microorganisms in the intestine, we can modify the microflora so that it will be less dependent on alcohol, and as a result, the person will decrease their desire to drink, ”said the head of the Center for Evidence-Based Medicine at the First MGMU. I.M. Sechenov Chavdar Pavlov.

The “correct” set of genetically modified bacteria can also be used to prevent fibrosis and carcinoma.

The method of treatment of alcoholism using microbes can be effective, scientists believe.

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