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Nvidia introduced its own autopilot Drive AutoPilot

It adds vehicle control and lane change, pedestrian detection and parking assistance.

At CES 2019 in Las Vegas, Nvidia announced the first commercially available level 2+ autopilot. Automakers can use Drive AutoPilot technology in their cars, providing them with clever control and lane changing, pedestrian and cycling detection and parking assistance. The technology also allows you to track the status of the driver, adds the autopilot function and visualizes the data of the computer vision system of the car on the side panel.

In addition, Drive AutoPilot determines the position of the car on the road exactly centimeters in a variety of weather and road conditions. To accurately determine the boundaries of lanes, roads and road signs, the image from the vehicle camera is compared with a pre-built HD map.

Drive AutoPilot is part of NVIDIA’s full-featured Drive platform and works on the basis of the Xavier system , which is specifically designed for cars with artificial intelligence. According to NVIDIA, the processor is capable of performing 30 trillion operations per second, while consuming only 30 watts of power. This savings is aimed primarily at using the system in modern electric vehicles.

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