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Tweet leading “Oscar 2014” has become the most popular in history

During the live broadcast of the Oscar film awards ceremony, TV presenter Ellen DeGeneres published a tweet that became the most popular in the service history in minutes. Reports about it  The Verge .
During the break between the nominations announcement, the host of the ceremony, Ellen DeGeneres told the audience that she wanted to publish the most popular tweet in history and invited several actors to share the selfie, including Bradley Cooper, Brad Pitt, Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Lawrence, Kevina Spacey and Angelina Jolie.

After a few minutes, the desired result was achieved: the record scored more than a million retweets, setting an absolute record for Twitter – both in speed of distribution, and in all other indicators.

An epic selfie was made on the Samsung Galaxy smartphone, the manufacturer of which is one of the main sponsors of the ceremony.

After the photo was published, many users began reporting that Twitter had stopped working. A few minutes later, Degenieres herself confirmed this information by solemnly pronouncing “We broke twitter!” From the stage.

The previous absolute record belonged to the record of the official twitter of US President Barack Obama, who announced his re-election for a second term. At the time of this writing, she scored a little less than 800 thousand retweets.

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