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The American undertook to set a record for Twitter for the sake of a year’s supply of nuggets

And already got almost 900 thousand retweets from the planned 18 million.

Carter Wilkerson from the US state of Nevada argued with Wendy’s fast-food restaurant chain that will pick up the required number of reactions on Twitter. To be able to eat nuggets from the company for free throughout the year, he must break the bar of 18 million retweets: nobody even came close to such an indicator in the service history.

The initial entry in the Wilkerson microblog was addressed to Wendy’s official account.

Yo @Wendys how many chicken nuggets?
“Hey, Vendis, how many retweets should be to have your nuggets a year free?”

The company was laconic in response.

@carterjwm 18 Million

Wilkerson did not stop it and he decided to accept the challenge.

@Wendys Consider it done
“Consider what’s already done.”

The American then posted a screenshot of the correspondence calling for help to recruit the necessary number of retweets. Record gained viral popularity – at the time of publication, more than 800 thousand users already posted it.

“Help me please. I need these nuggets! ”

The company responded to this post by accompanying the comment with several emoji.

How long Wilkerson has to get 18 million retweets, and whether the company is joking about providing a year’s supply of nuggets is not yet clear.

At the moment, none of the Twitter users even came close to setting such a record. The most popular tweet so far is Ellen DeGeneres’ recording of theOscar, which has been retweeted more than 3.2 million times.

In second place is the tweet of musician Louis Tomlinson, who has 2.4 million retweets, and the third place is the recording of the Spanish gamer Elrubius from one word “Limonada”, which was supported by more than 1.4 million users.

According to official data, the Twitter audience now stands at about 320 million users. Wilkerson will need to enlist the support of about one in twenties to fulfill the conditions of the bet.

A large portion of 10 Nuggets in American Wendy’s costs $ 6.65, but comes in the form of a combo lunch with a drink and salad. A set of 6 nuggets cost only $ 1.99. Even if we assume that on the day Wendy’s promises him a combo-lunch with 10 nuggets, then their annual supply will cost the company a little over $ 2,400.

Wendy’s restaurant chain owns more than six thousand establishments in 22 countries of the world. Until 2014, she worked in Russia, but then announced her intention to wind down her business.

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