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On the left – UFC fighter Poliana Viana, on the right – the guy who tried to rob her

Brazil has an extremely high street crime rate. You may have seen these videos when hooligans in the street are tearing down decorations from tourists. But sometimes robbers miss and choose the most inappropriate target as a victim. For example, the 26-year-old defenseless girl turned out to be UFC fighter Poliana Viana.

The guy decided that the lonely beauty at a residential complex in Rio de Janeiro certainly can not give him a fight. He first asked the girl for the time, and then told her not to resist and give up her phone. In this case, the robber tried to threaten the girl with a pistol, which turned out to be a piece of cardboard.

But the girl did not know this yet and decided not to give the robber a chance to get a gun. She struck out two punches and one with her legs. The robber fell, and the girl went to the suffocating reception, after which she twisted the criminal and ordered the police to wait.

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