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Meme: Girl with water on the Golden Globe 

According to many viewers, she “stole” the ceremony, eclipsing the stars.

On the night of January 7, the 76th Golden Globe Awards ceremony took placein Los Angeles . Viewers who watched the ceremony on TV or on the Internet paid attention not only to numerous celebrities, but also to the promotional model of Fiji water.

She constantly appeared in the frame with the stars and, in the opinion of some commentators, earned a statuette in the nomination “Best supporting actress”.

“The best supporting role: Fiji girl”

“Star was born. Drink more water. ”

“Fiji girl – for the presidency in 2019”
With it, they began to make fotozhaby, placing the image of a girl with bottles of water in the frames of famous films, on famous photos and even on the stage of the coming Oscar.

@SGFGrowyso @pictaler @SGFGrowyso @ BrandonSams18 @pictaler @starwarsromance

Commentators quickly figured out the name of the girl.

“The Fuji Water Girl is Kellet Cuthbert, and now she is my queen”

She herself called her participation in the ceremony “not the worst way to spend a Sunday.”

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