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IT giants help set a record for Twitter for the nuggets, and in Russia they collect retweets for pancakes in Teremka and forgiveness of the loan.

Photos from social networks. Carter Wilkinson – right.

On April 6, Carter Wilkerson from the US state of Nevada argued with Wendy’s fast food chain that will pick up 18 million retweets to get the company to eat nuggets for free throughout the year.

At the moment, none of Twitter users has set such a record. The most popular (so far) recording is Ellen DeGeneres tweet from the Oscar, with 3.2 million retweets. However, social network users enthusiastically picked up the campaign and launched the hashtag #NuggsForCarter , and also began to attract the attention of millionaire bloggers.

A major campaign breakthrough came when Wilkerson’s tweet scored the first million retweets. They began to write about the amateur nuggets media, and he gave several interviews to local TV channels, which only attracted more attention.

Yep, #NuggsForCarter is actually a thing:
World record for of The retweets Could the BE broken over some free chicken nuggets of

The first of the large-caliber players to Wilkerson drew the attention of the official Apple music twitter, which has nine million subscribers.

@carterjwm Salute, Carter. #AnotherOne (cc: @Wendys)

Following him, the official Microsoft account reacted, and its authors did not limit themselves to just retweeting, but called on Google and Amazon to join.

We’re in. How about you, @Amazon and @Google? #NuggsForCarter
“We are in business. What about you, Google and Amazon? “

Both of the called-up companies picked up the stock and posted the Wilkerson post on themselves.

@Microsoft Feeling lucky, @carterjwm? #NuggsForCarter
“Feeling lucky, Carter?”
Live your best life, Carter. Follow your dreams. #NuggsForCarter
“Live life to the fullest, Carter. Follow the dream “

As the large-scale support action grew, it included show business stars, businessmen, and politicians. Retweet records were made by actor Aaron Paul, a Pewdiepie video blogger (9.8 million subscribers), tennis player Eugenie Bouchard, and even Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval.

“It’s good to have a dream”
#NuggsForCarter this is amazing 😂
“Nuggets for Carter is awesome”
Nevada’s in. How about you Govs? @NatlGovsAssoc @JohnKasich
@hickforco @JerryBrownGov
@NYGovCuomo @ The_RGA …
“Nevada is in business. What about you, governors? ”

The campaign also included other companies – the largest retail network selling game consoles and video games GameStop, mobile operator T-Mobile and United Airlines.

Mmmmmmmmmm … Nuggets ……

How about you, @Xbox and @PlayStation? #NuggsForCarter

“Mmm, nuggets … how about you, Xbox and PlayStation?”

T-Mobile CEO John Ledger, who has 3.9 million people on Twitter, went even further and offered to pay Wilkerson a year for Wendy’s nuggets if he replaces the mobile operator.

Hey @carterjwm, sorry you have @ATT. Switch to @TMobile & @Wendys chicken nuggets myse …
“Hi, Carter. It is a pity that you have an AT & T operator. Switch to T-Mobile, and I will provide you with a year of free nuggets in Wendy’s and even more! Seriously”

The largest US airline, United Airlines, not only published Wilkerson’s entry on its blog, but also declared its willingness to expand the conditions of the bet and deliver someone who has 18 million retweets to any city their planes fly to, and which has Wendy’s restaurant.

If you get the 18 million RTs, you can …
“If you get 18 million retweets, we’ll give you a free flight to take you to any Wendys restaurant in the world where we work. Good luck! ”

Finally, the social network Twitter itself, which in its official microblog, to which more than 60 million people have subscribed, published selected moments of the unfolding story, drew attention to the action.

“Let me get a number 2, a number 1, and … 18 million Retweets.”

“Give me the first, the second … and there are 18 million retweets”

As of April 10, Wilkerson’s tweet scored 2.2 million retweets, which is close to the musician Louis Tomlinson’s second most popular tweet (2.4 million retweets).

Tinkoff Bank

Inspired by the example of Wilkerson in the United States, Russian users launched similar campaigns to recruit retweets to get various kinds of preferences from other companies. For example, Tinkoff Bank stated that it was ready to forgive a loan for 50 thousand retweets to Roman Zaripov.

@tinkoff_bank Tell me, how many retweets do I need to collect in order not to give a loan?

However, Zaripov’s tweet did not acquire such viral popularity – at the time of publication, it was distributed by almost four thousand people.

Guys, if my tweet dials 50,000 retweets, then I can not give credit to the bank. Help!


Pancake network “Teremok” agreed for 50 thousand retweets to treat the blogger who received them for pancakes within a month. Daily in the amount of 500 rubles.

Ok, about the @Wendys Challenge everyone has already heard. @teremok_ru how much do I need to collect retweets to get you pancakes for a year?
@mitko_schmitko @Wendys Sir, if your tweet picks up 50 thousand retweets in 30 days, then we have 30 days of daily pancake …
Guys, only 50k! Help Mitya get the cherished blints

Teremok responded to speed dialing by suggesting an increase in rates.

Raise the stakes, increase the number of days in the pancake hunt @mitko_schmitko to 90. Conditions tezhe😉 # teremok50000

Against this background, lawyer Sergey D also turned to the network of pancakes.

@teremok_ru I ask you to give me something free. That I am your ambassador – can confirm @Goncharovm. (…

“Teremok” went to meet the blogger, agreeing to give him a free pancake every day until the end of the year.

@ sd0107 @AndreyKaliningr @Goncharovm * squinting *, once this is the case, let us provide you with this pancake for every day, for free)
@ sd0107 @AndreyKaliningr @Goncharovm Every day, until the end of the year, we will sell you this pancake for free, or something …

Sergey D thanked the company and finally made fun of the user, who began to recruit retweets for a similar result.

Twitter even feed, finally, not only mom.
@mitko_schmitko so what. How are retweets recruited? Norm? How are things in general, how is your mood?
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