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Chronicle of retweet: Ellen Degeneres joined the battle with the nuggets lover 

Anchorwoman is not going to give up the title of the most quoted Twitter user.

Student Carter Wilkerson came close to making his tweet the most popular on the microblogging network. In order to receive chicken nuggets from the Wendy`s eatery network during the year, he must collect 18 million retweets under the terms of the bet .

As of April 14, Wilkerson’s post has already been quoted over 2.8 million times, which allowed him to significantly eliminate the backlog of the most-quoted tweet Ellen DeGeneres from the Oscar award ceremony.

Wilkerson repeatedly tried to draw the attention of a well-known TV presenter to his action, but Degenères did not answer at all in the way he expected. On the air of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, she told viewers about this situation and called on her fans to help her.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]This guy is tagging along. Carter, stop right now. You’re not joking with that, I will guide you to the horns.[/perfectpullquote]
Ellen DeGeneres, TV presenter
“Not today, nuggets lover”

Degenjeres said she was very angry, because she worked a lot for a record selfie. She briefly described the main stages of her career, reminding the viewers how she “starred in the sitcom, left it, then lost everything”. Ellen told how she returned to television with her talk show and “became so popular that she was called to Oscar news [in 2007].”

However, according to her, she waited until she was invited to lead the Oscar a second time to take the last step. At the award [in 2014] she gathered the biggest celebrities in one selfie and asked the whole world to share it.

“And so, I reached the goal – this is the most popular tweet in all history,” – said the TV presenter. “Did this guy just ask for nuggets?”

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]If you think I’ll give a record to some teenager with nuggets, you have completely survived your chicken brains.[/perfectpullquote]
Ellen DeGeneres, TV presenter

Ellen invited actor Bradley Cooper to the show and together they asked everyone who retweets Wilkerson to quote her Oscar selfie.

This is the most important thing. Bradley Cooper and I need your help.
“This is the most important thing you see today. Bradley Cooper and I ask for your help. ”

Degenères, on whose microblog more than 66 million users subscribed, received another hundred thousand votes a day. Thus, she broke away from Wilkerson by 400 thousand retweets.

The opposition to the two most popular tweets drew the attention of the media, inviting readers to “choose one of the parties and retweet.”

If only Bradley’s arm was longer. Best photo ever. #oscars

The American, who was already supported by such giants as Google, Microsoft and Amazon, is not going to give up.

Hey @carterjwm, our Doodlers cooked up a special 6-pack to keep you going #NuggsForCarter #GoogleDoodle
“Hey, Carter, our Dudlers did special packaging to keep you fit”

Wilkerson and Wendy`s answered the DeGeneres call. According to their statement, if a student still succeeds in breaking the record of a TV presenter, the restaurant chain undertakes to transfer one hundred thousand dollars to the Dave Thomas Foundation, a charitable non-profit organization that is looking for foster families for children from orphanages.

@TheEllenShow. @ TheEllenShow GAME ON. But this nugg has a new goal @Wendys will give $ 100k 4 adopted kids w / @ DTFA …
“Ellen, the game has begun! This race now has a new goal – Wendys will transfer one hundred thousand dollars to DTFA when I beat your record. Hold your pants tight! ”

The dispute between the two record holders was recorded by Twitter itself.

@carterjwm @TheEllenShow @Wendys @DTFA Things just got real.

The race for Retweets is on! 🏁

“The games are over! Retweet race has begun! ”
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